Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (2024)

1892 Weber Upright Mahogany Piano

This is an 1892 full size Weber mahogany upright piano in good condition and is priced below its appraised value...

Music instruments Dewees Island150$

Baldwin Piano

This attractive Baldwin piano has been in our family since 1977. One owner. Since 1987 the piano has remained in one...

Music instruments Greenville400$

Vintage Piano for Sale

Antique (120 years old) ÂUpright Kimball piano for sale. ÂAverage condition.ÂMUST SELL.$200 or Best Offer!

Music instruments Simpsonville200$

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Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (4)

White Yamaha Piano

White Yamaha piano for sale.It is from the early 90s and is one of the most popular pianos to start playing.My...

Music instruments Hilton Head Island1,800$

Spoleto Premier Piano

As one of the most distinguished arts festivals in the world, the pianos utilized for Spoleto Festival are leading...

Music instruments Charleston


DescripciónBeautiful Yamaha Piano in great condition. From the 1960's. $1400.00. Call 864- or 864-.

Music instruments Wedgefield1,400$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (7)

Piano for sale - $1100

In fantastic condition! Kindly call or text 8 four three-. I bought this about 5 years ago. Do not really have room...

Music instruments Moncks Corner1,100$

Jacobs Brother Piano

Jacobs Brothers built excellent pianos from about 1.Serial #30626 built in 1905.Excellent condition but does need new...

Music instruments Lake Wylie500$

Good Condition - Perfect for a beginner, small church or just plain fun. Text or email only. (864) or [email removed]

Music instruments Greenville

See & Hear Piano lessons,This is the full course, most tapes never played, in like new conditionReview: I...

Music instruments Landrum175$

Piano by Kohler and Campbell

Kohler and Canmpbell PianoWe have a beautiful piano. It has been very well taken care of. It is a 1950's model,...

Music instruments Duncan400$

Black Baldwin Grand Piano

Very nice Baldwin Grand Piano. This piano is about 100 years old. I am moving and unfortunately can not take it with...

Music instruments Myrtle Beach700$

Convenient Piano/Violin Lessons

Looking for quality and convenient music lessons for yourself or your child? I provide engaging and interactive...

Music instruments Summerville

PIANO - Baldwin 5'8" Grand

Baldwin Model-R 5'8" Grand. Light Walnut. Beautiful Matching Bench.Very Good Condition. Tuned to A-440.

Music instruments Greenville5,800$

Pianos - $225 (West Columbia)

We have 2 pianos....the black one is a Wurlitzer ( top 2 photos) and the other one is a Wing & SonsThr price of the...

Music instruments Columbia225$

Spinet Piano - $400 (Goose Creek)

Spinet Piano with serial number 30700. Not sure of manufacturer. Piano well loved and over 50 years old. Still in...

Music instruments Charleston400$

Everett Spinet Piano - $1500

Everett Spinet Piano for sale. Identification number 242915. Made in 1977 and still carries out and looks as...

Music instruments Camden1,500$

Beautiful Chickering Piano - $1450

Chickering of Boston, Massachussetts was known for creating award-winning instruments of fantastic top quality and...

Music instruments Bluffton1,450$

grand piano for sale - $3995

Grand piano, 6' 1", satin walnut finish, sounds and plays like new. $3995. Call 803- for more details.

Music instruments Columbia3,995$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (21)

Stuyvesant piano - $200 (N.Charleston)

Upright Stuyvesant piano $200 you move. Please call 843- or . Thank you!Location: N.Charleston

Music instruments Charleston200$

Mathushek Upright Piano - $200

Mathushek upright piano 1930s-1940s. Good condition for year. $200 OBO. Call or text 864-. Delivery available.

Music instruments Greenville200$

Baldwin Acrosonic Spinet Piano

This attractive Baldwin piano has actually been in our household because 1977. One owner. Since 1987 the piano has...

Music instruments Greenville500$

Thomas Piano - $100 (Belton)

Please call 864- for more info.Location: Belton

Music instruments Greenville100$

Kawai GE Baby Grand Piano

Kawai GE Baby Grand Piano, 5'1", Ser#2559229. Bidding Ends: Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 2:00 PM. For more information...

Music instruments Greenville1$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (26)

Steinway Grand Piano Model B - $26500

This is a Steinway Grand Piano Model B performed in a Rosewood surfaceIt was manufactured in 1887.This piano is...

Music instruments Hilton Head Island26,500$

Organ/piano swivel chair - $125 (Charleston)

Antique 1895 walnut swivel organ chair or piano chair. Excellent shape. Brass and glass claw feet. $125.843- (last...

Music instruments Charleston125$


Rudolph Wurlitzer 36" Spinet piano in MINT condition !!!!!! It has the exclusive "Duraphonic" sound board. The finish...

Music instruments Columbia1,000$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (29)

& Hamlin "A" Baby Grand Piano. This is a remarkable American Made infant Grand piano with the great Mason & Hamlin...

Music instruments Hilton Head Island9,800$

Kalimba Thumb Piano, Finger Piano 17 Keys Start Kits...

Kalimba Specifications: Tonality: C Key The Number of Tines: 17 Keys Tines Material: Ore steel Body: Solid Mahogany...

Music instruments Greenville

piano - $275 (Sptbg/Boiling sSrings)

Free standing piano and bench- good over all shape- no keys missing call 864- $275Location: Sptbg/Boiling sSrings

Music instruments Greenville275$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (32)

Everette console Piano - $250 (Simpsonville)

Everette console piano with bench, pecan finish in good condition/ will need to be tuned. Call 1-864-. Cash only....

Music instruments Greenville250$

Baldwin Piano - $350 (West Columbia)

This is a beautiful piano and it is in excellent condition !!!! A must see !!!THIS WEEK ONLY !!!! For purchases of...

Music instruments Columbia350$

Casio Celviano AP-620 Digital Electric Piano w/ Bench...

88-Key, Full Size, Casio Celviano AP-620 Digital Electric Piano. Satin black finish. Comes with matching adjustable...

Music instruments Greenville900$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (35)

Aria Pro II Bass - $200

Aria Pro II Bass /$200. RSB series. Made in Japan; most likely mid 70s to mid 80s. Serial # 5072545. Original pickups...

Music instruments Hartsville200$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (36)

Craigslist search " Marshall Piano " to see all our ads a...

Craigslist search" Marshall Piano" to see all our advertisem*nts a one time Attention: NC and SC.See all our...

Music instruments Rock Hill

Cable Nelson Spinet Piano - $495 (Camden, SC)

For sale is a Cable Nelson Spinet Piano. The piano is 57" wide, 25" from front to back, and stands 37" tall. This...

Music instruments Columbia495$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (38)

Kawai Baby Grand Piano if New List $19,995 Our Price...

Kawai Baby Grand Piano if New List $19,995 Our Price $7,495 Kawai Baby Grand Piano Size 5'1"Finish: Hi-Polished...

Music instruments Rock Hill19$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (39)

Console Piano, Fully Certified, 10 Yr Warranty, Free...

Continental Console Piano Dark Mahogany Delivered, Tuned, Warranty $1795 Marshall PianoBrand: Bergmann by Young...

Music instruments Mountville1,795$

1887 Chickering Grand Piano - $3000 ((Free...

I have 1887 Chickering Grand Piano. I've been buying, selling and transporting pianos for a long time and this is the...

Music instruments Greenville3,000$

Mid Century Piano Music Instruments For Sale (2024)


Are 50 year old pianos worth anything? ›

Over time, as a piano is subjected to the environment, the stress-bearing materials (wood, felt, wire) degrade. Unfortunately, the majority of pianos over 40 years old have zero or negative value.

Are 100 year old pianos worth anything? ›

It is extremely rare for old pianos to have value. It comes down to if they are in good condition, are an extraordinary piano or if a famous person has played the piano. I know people will be upset to hear this but unfortunately most old pianos do not have any value.

How do I find out what my old piano is worth? ›

Appraisers of used pianos and other consumer goods typically use three different methods to determine fair market value: comparable sales, depreciation, and idealized value minus the cost of restoration.

Why are pianos hard to sell? ›

Pianos are difficult to move from one place to another, making it challenging to arrange a sale. In addition, while there is certainly a market for used pianos, most areas tend to have more pianos for sale than buyers.

At what age is a piano considered an antique? ›

However, most 50-year-old pianos are considered modern. In order for a piano to be considered antique, it needs to be closer to 100 years old, and age alone does not make it valuable.

Can a 100 year old piano be tuned? ›

No, a piano can't be too old to tune.

Would a 100 year old piano have ivory keys? ›

If you do own a piano that was built before the 1950s, the likelihood is that it will have ivory keys. And, whilst they look great, the keys do require a certain level of care and maintenance, and if you were looking to have it restored, you might struggle.

Are ivory keys on a piano worth anything? ›

Ivory keytops are not valuable.

Because the trade in ivory is completely outlawed around the world, the keytops are not valuable. But even if it was legal, remember that only a thin veneer on top of the key is made of ivory.

Which pianos have the best resale value? ›

Acoustic pianos from quality brands (think Yamaha, Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, and Bösendorfer, among others) hold their value best. Digital pianos are subject to more quickly diminishing values because of constant technological advancements.

How do I get my piano valued? ›

In conclusion, obtaining a professional valuation from Piano Auctions or a similar reputable source is vital when selling your piano. It ensures you have an accurate understanding of your piano's value, establishes credibility, aids in marketing efforts, and provides insurance coverage.

How to look up piano serial numbers? ›

While the vast majority of grand and baby grand pianos mark the serial number on the plate near the tuning pins, there are a few other good places to look. Check the soundboard under the strings. Some brands print the number in this discreet place so that it doesn't distract from the beauty of an open grand.

What is considered an old piano? ›

"The terms antique and vintage pianos are broad, and apply to pianos made from 1860 to 1940 and made to so-called modern design: metal frame, straight- or cross-strung, double escapement for grand pianos, modern upright mechanisms with underdampers for later upright pianos.

What is the best way to sell an old piano? ›

Here are some recommended ways to sell your piano, and suggestions on what to include in the listing:
  1. Professional Piano Dealers:
  2. Online Marketplaces:
  3. Specialized Piano Forums or Websites:
  4. Auction Houses:
  5. Local Classified Ads:

Where is the best place online to sell a piano? ›

Rimmers Music Make it Easy To Sell Your Piano

We also save you the hassle, cost of advertising and difficulty of moving your piano! Selling small items on an online auction can be easy, but selling large heavy items like an upright or grand piano can be extremely difficult for you.

Why do so many people give away pianos? ›

One of the main reasons a piano will be offered for free is because it no longer has the value or quality for it to be sellable. Pianos hold their value for 30-50 years, depending on brand; after that, most pianos have become so worn that they experience multiple issues that make the piano valueless.

How to sell a 100 year old piano? ›

Most piano stores will accept your old piano in good condition as a trade-in. You could also sell privately or work with a consignment store to sell. The most important thing is to do your research before selling; get an appraisal from a reputable source (think experts at a piano store or maybe an antique shop).

Is there money in old pianos? ›

Many older instruments are generally worth very little if they are in poor condition and will not be worth the money it would take to restore them. However, some pianos are incredibly unique, rare or have been kept in excellent condition over a long period and will be worth considerably more.


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